Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Free web browser for phones

Gravity Monkey is releasing Shrunq, a nice web browser for cell phones for free.
According to his website:


  • Loads regular HTML pages, including images.
  • Features include automatic page scrolling, full support for cookies, page caching, and basic form support.
  • Will display content while it continues downloading, and a "skip to content" button to skip over spaces or navigation links to meaningful blocks of text.
  • Self-reliant -- loads and parses content on the phone, so you can connect to sites even if my server is down.
  • Can also use a proxy-server to pre-parse out needless code, and compress files for quicker network performance.
  • Hey look, no annoying pop-ups, viruses or spyware! Heck, that alone makes the Shrunq'd Web a nice place to be.
  • Shrunq can do all the parsing and processing, so you can connect directly to websites for text content -- no content proxy server needed.
  • Images that are not in a compatible size or format are pre-processed on Gravity Monkey servers.


  • Will scale text and images to fit your phone's screen.
  • Under 80k install.
  • Requires approx. 400k memory and 15k data space.
  • Built with J2ME 1.0 to work with any Java™ enabled phone or PDA.


  • No silly upfront costs, no silly ongoing "subscription" costs. Dude, it's a browser, it should be free. Besides, if I give it to you, you won't get too pissed when it breaks.