Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Big Screen viewer for mobile phone video

Many companies are offering various mobile video services that enable mobile phone users to watch various video content but what's the number one gripe about them? A mobile phone's display is so small that there really is no 'viewing pleasure'. Well, fret no more because Orange SA (France Telecom's wireless business) is going to offer subscribers numerous mobile video content that can be viewed using a 'big screen', i.e., video eyewear from MicroOptical.

The eyewear has two Kopin full-color, QVGA (320 x 240) CyberDisplay 230K (0.24-inch diagonal) microdisplays, and is ultra-light at just 2.5 oz. It enables mobile phone users to privately view movies, watch TV or even surf the Web equivalent to a 12-inch screen as it is viewed three feet away. Worried that you'll bump against a pole or tree while viewing content? Don't be; you can see your surroundings perfectly due to the small size of the frame and MicroOptical's patented optics that enable mobile users to see around the screen. Some users may find this effect nauseating or cause dizziness.

This new gadget will be part of Orange SA's Orange World wireless multimedia service and will be offered with Samsung's SGH-D600 mobile phone in October 2005. The binocular video eyewear is connected to the Samsung phone via a thin cable and will enable users to view video up to five hours with three AAA batteries, no price has been announced yet.

Satellite Radio for Sprint phones

SIRIUS Satellite Radio has signed a deal with Sprint to offer select SIRIUS content over the Sprint network. It is said to be available soon. Right now details are still sketchy, but we'll find out more when both Sprint and Sirius give us more specifics later this year.

Sprint's current Internet radio service, MSpot, contains 13 channels available for $5.95/month (or for free if you're a Vision Multimedia Services subscriber). I expect that this new deal will be a combination of MSpot and SIRIUS, but what the new service is branded under is probably still under debate.