Monday, August 08, 2005

TicTalk cell phone for kids by Leapfrog

Here is a cellphone for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids. LeapFrog has announced they're teaming up with Enfora to produce the TicTalk Parental-Controlled Cellphone for kids 6 and up. Like the FireFly kiddie phone, the TicTalk will have a bare minimum of functionality. All phone numbers are entered via a web interface and the device doesn't have a keypad, which means the kids can only make calls to approved numbers. Parents can set what times certain phone numbers can be called or received from. They can also send text messages to their kids, possibly to remind them to do their homework or something. LeapFrog wants the service to be pre-paid in chunks of 100 minutes for $25- parents can then choose to monitor minutes used, as well as award additional minutes for good behavior. And it wouldn't be a LeapFrog if there weren't also educational games included with the phone.

The phone will be GSM, though it's unknown which carrier will carry it. It'll be available online this month, and will be in retail stores some time in Fall. Approximate retail value is $99.99.


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